Frames to Change

Our Story


New Rochelle, NY





Every year during the holidays I hang new pictures of family, friends, and pets. This tradition has been my absolute favorite because I get to revisit my boys growing up. However, I wasn’t very good at keeping up with pictures throughout the year. I had great pictures on my countertops and walls, but I never changed them. So, like many moms, I had tons of photos when my boys were little and fewer and fewer displayed as they grew up.


Once picture taking became immediate and easy, I took a lot of pictures but I didn’t always print them out because I couldn’t easily display them. Today I regret that because when my hard drive crashed, I lost many photo memories. I kept wondering if there was a better way to frame and hang pictures and that is what pushed me to design Frames to Change.


My Family and Inspiration

I have two incredible sons, Evan and Kyle, who have been my inspiration from the start. I love taking pictures of them and our pets, and sharing these photos with my family and friends.


Mom, Inventor, and President of Frames to Change